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Trading Traffic

I'll trade traffic with QUALITY sites that adhere to all the standard rules. Here's a few other things.

  1. Your site must have at least a PR1.
  2. This site does not skim any traffic so returns are only based on the top lists.
  3. To get listed on any of the main toplists (not top 100), you must have sent a minimum of 50 unique hits with a raw productivity of at least 50% in the previous 24 hours.
  4. The top side toplist and the one that's part of the daily listings, is based on the quality of your traffic. ie. uniques and productivity.
  5. The bottom toplist is ranked purely on uniques in.
  6. Toplist are updated once an hour, with data taken shortly before the hour.

If you still want to trade, sign up here.

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